Zenho Inc.

Equipment consumables Department of Electronic Factory :

1998 – Established Zenho Inc. and cooperate UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) Unimicron Technology (Shenzhen) for PCB equipment maintenance and assist to reduce maintenance costs. Later expanded business to more PCB production plant in Shenzhen.

2009 – Joint venture with DAEJIN TRATEC Co., Ltd Korea and established Avantech Inc. in Kunshan. DAEJIN is a cooperate supplier of Samsung and LG, have advanced technology and needs in electronic technology industry. Avantech Inc. further involved main consumables supply and equipment maintenance for LCD and TPS production equipment.

2010 – Richly cultivating Taiwan business and continuous supply equipment consumables & maintenance service more efficiently for domestic PCB plant (FOXCONN, Unimicron Taiwan, GCE, Career…) and optoelectronic plant (AUO, CPT…), also cooperate supply exclusive/customized consumables for PCB and optoelectronic equipment manufactory (Taiwan : EFM, TTM, C-SUN…; Korea : TEASUNG, TKC, DMS…; Japan : ISHIHYOKI; Europe : HMS, SCHMID, MANZ), became a manufacture certified OEM supplier.

Trade Service Department :

We are also procurement team cooperated with foreign group company and process the following business project in Taiwan and China :
  1. Lead-Acid batteries produce equipments and material procurement
  2. Consultant service of batteries produce technique
  3. Machine shop evaluate and purchase
  4. Procurement of machine repair parts
  5. Procurement of fast-food kitchen equipments and spare parts
  6. Consultant service of fast-food kitchen equipment and production
  7. Evaluating and purchasing equipments for food central factory
  8. Consultant service of food processing
  9. Procurement of food raw material and additive