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O.D. (A), I.D. (B), Action Length(C from concave to convex), Type (Star type, Hole Type, Solid type), Connection way (Grooving/Jagged Type)

Product No. : UTLW071
Product Spec. : Ø32* Ø10*25L
Product Material : HCPP

Product No. : UTLW025
Product Spec. : Ø45* Ø8.1*25L
Product Material : PP/PVDF

Product No. : HMSW020
Product Spec. : Ø48* Ø9.8*8.5L
Product Material : HCPP/PVDF

Product No. : HMSW010
Product Spec. : Ø48* Ø10*39L
Product Material : HCPP+Santoprene